Kriega Pack Review

Kriega Pack Review

I’ve had my Kriega pack (R30) for as long as I’ve had my motorcycle license. The build quality is near unbeatable. It’s served as everything from a daily commuter pack to an all out adventure accessory. While it has a few limitations they’re few and far between.


The Build Quality

What surprised me the most about the Kriega pack is the build quality for the price point. I paid $180AUD for my R30 (The 30 Litre variant) years ago and except for a few frayed threads on the shoulder strap padding, there isn’t a lasting mark on it.

The main waterproof compartment has seemingly endless capacity. You really need to try and fill this bag. The cargo netting on the bottom is sturdy and makes a great access point for bits and pieces that don’t mind the elements. The zip up pouch on top is also great for this.

My only real gripe with the pack is that the zip top pocket isn’t waterproof. This really is trying to find something wrong with it- it’s easy enough to not use the pouch in the rain.


Useful in Many Cases

The majority of the work my Kriega pack sees is the daily commute. I ride into the heart of Melbourne every day for work and the R30 serves me great for this. With the simple clip system I can chuck that bag on and off without breaking stride on the way into the office. If anything the R30 is a little too large for what I carry on a daily basis, but there are rarely times I regret not having the car for transporting things.

Even on the train when I’m not riding the Kreiga pack makes a great shoulder bag. Wouldn’t recommend it for longer journeys and it’s not super comfortable- but never the less good all rounder.

The next use case is the over-nighter. The R30 has plenty of space for the weekender or over nighter. Again, you’ll be thinking of things you can bring instead of things you can go without- space is not a commodity in this case.

Finally, as part of an adventuring outfit. The kriega pairs great with a set of panniers and / or a swag roll. The top zipper pocket is handy for quick assess items like maps and snacks.

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