Picking the Right Motorcycle Camping Chair

Picking the Right Motorcycle Camping Chair

After a long ride there’s nothing quite like settling down by the fire in a chair. However there are some considerations to make when choosing a motorcycle camping chair. Here are some options to consider when looking for the right motocamping chair.

 The biggest consideration with all motorcycle camping gear is size and weight. No matter what we ride we’re all restricted by the amount we can carry, and after the essentials there isn’t much room to spare. I personally have used a regular camping chair in the past. While this is reasonable for a weekender on longer haul trips space is a premium.

Premium Motorcycle Camping Chairs

A suitable option is hiking style chairs. A great option in the market is the Helinox range of lightweight camping chairs. Helinox produces premium chairs ranging in size and weight. Using premium materials and quality construction Helinox chairs range from $75 to $175+.

The Helinox One makes for a premium motorcycle camping chair
The Helinox One Chair

Budget Motorcycle Camping Chairs

There are much cheaper options available. A great example which mimics the Helinox One chair are available from Chinese retailers. While most Chinese discount sites don’t fill consumers with confidence, the reviews for this particular product paint a good picture.

No-brand lightweight camping chair
A No-brand Lightweight Camping Chair Option

Other options in the budget category include superlight hiking chairs. These include stools and soft clamshell designs. Personally, I wouldn’t opt for these because they don’t provide much more comfort than sitting on your mattress / in your tent.

A Purpose Built Motorcycle Camping Chair

The Kermit Chair is designed specifically for motorcycle camping. Starting at $159 the Kermit has a classic look. While weighing a bit more than a hiking option, the Kermit is still a strong contender. With a five year warranty and being USA made, it’s a reliable option as well.

The Kermit Chair is a purpose built motorcycle camping chair
The classic design of the Kermit will appear to a lot of people

Overall, there are a lot of options available for relaxing after a ride. Some of us will be content with an upturned log but if you’re looking for refine your campsite experience, a lightweight and compact camping chair is the way to go.

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